12 Eylül 2008

Coca-Cola 007 - Shaken, Not Stirred!

Dahası var mı bilemiyorum. İşte "product placement" ya da güzel Türkçemizle "ürün yerleştirme". Fazla söze gerek yok. Aşağıda anlatılıyor ve resim de kendini anlatıyor zaten.

"Coca-Cola Great Britain has joined forces with Sony Entertainment to promote the upcoming James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, temporarily renaming the Coke Zero brand, Coca-Cola Zero Zero 7.

“We’re delighted to be involved in this exciting project. The new edgier Bond persona is the ultimate embodiment of the Coke Zero brand personality, and is expected to deepen the brand’s engagement with its core target audience of 20-something men,” said Bobby Brittain, brand director, Coca-Cola Great Britain.

Coca-Cola Zero Zero 7 will be launched with specially crafted bottles featuring the 007 logo, a picture of star Daniel Craig and the new film’s title." via LiciensingExpo.

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