10 Mart 2007

Agile Creativity - David Armano

David Armano Digitas Kreatif Başkan Yardımcılarından. Kişisel blogu Logic+Emotion yani "Mantık+Duygu" pazarlama, marka deneyimi ve deneyim tasarımı gibi konuların kesişim kümesinde geçen yazılarla dolu. Geçtiğimiz günlerde okuduğum yazılarından Agile Creativity yani "Çevik Yaratıcılık" gün geçtikçe hızlanan dünyada reklam ve benzeri işleri yapan kişiler için anlamlı analizler içeriyor. İşte bir kaç paragraf hemen burada...

Think about it. If you never planned a thing in your life, never had any goals or aspirations—never thought about your next move, you might find yourself in a constant state of improvisation. On the other hand, you can try to plan your life out to the last detail—but life has a way of working out in ways you could have never planned for.

Why should creativity be any different? Agile Creativity is about planning for a variety of scenarios—anticipating and developing a strategy, but not being so rigid as to lose the capacity to improvise when things don't go as planned. In the overlap exists a state of agility, founded off a core set of guiding principals—yet flexible enough to adapt to changes in the creative ecosystem. Easier said than done? You bet.

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